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Windscreen Certificate Gold StarIt appears that many auto glass technicians are being contacted today by a private training company in Brisbane regarding a Certificate in Auto Glass. The proposed deal seems quite lucrative according to the training rep. He told me that the Government chips in 4k per technician and since the course only costs 3k, everyone gets a drink. Happy days!

So the Government is paying more than the course is worth? Really…

Well, hang on for a moment… Who’s driving the bus? Who wrote the course? Are the assessors qualified to train/observe experienced technicians? Will it improve the skill level? Will it prevent short cut taking?

These questions and more should be asked before jumping on the slippery dip, this all sounds a little shifty to me. Another thing I was not too sure about was the qualifications of the test assessor, apparently a panel beater from Brisbane. Without sounding too disrespectful, i’m not sure what he can teach us about auto glass replacement. But then again he’s probably just going to stand over you with a clip board and tick boxes.

Is it a recognised course? It’s certainly not compulsory despite the push from the National Auto Glass Association. The NAA makes a bit of noise, but at this stage without national support its nothing more than a toothless tiger. It takes more than a handful of the largest corporations to form an industry group and it could even be viewed as an anti competitive group depending on what paradigm you choose.

Despite my criticism we are in favor of training, just not fundamental courses for dummies.

The primary reason for the poor workmanship in our industry is not basic training, its network groups paying $90 for R&R. This simply does not cover the cost to perform the repairs, so short cuts are being taken in an attempt to be more productive.

I know many of us are brain washed into believing that without networks we can’t bill insurance groups and this is not true. The truth is insurance groups need our services. If the networks vanished tomorrow windscreens would still need installing on Monday morning. The industry would grind to a halt without your services. The technician is more important that the manager and thats something you should not forget.

Management do a good job to create an illusion that you need them, but in reality they need you, its always been this way.

It’s not the lack of training it’s the lack of ethics from insurance/network groups not paying the true amount of what a job is worth. It’s not so clean in our backyard either, there are many technicians who are under-equipped or unwilling to invest in tools and others are simply lazy.

To assume we can fix this problem with a document in auto glass is ridiculous and insulting to many. Personally I would like to see the the board of the NAA go back to school to complete a “fundamentals of customer service”, or a least a “fundaments of ethics” course. I really believe the standard is falling here too.

Make your own decisions, be your own leader, not a follower.

Certificate In Auto Glass Australia
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Certificate In Auto Glass Australia
Basic certificate that has little benefit for the skilled technician. More suited to trainees working for corporations.
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