Air Services Australia Fire Trucks

large windscreen installations#RosenbauerWindscreen Replacement.

#Service8® is the preferred supplier for Air Services Australia.

At $1.3 Million Dollars, these vehicles are state of the art. With a #Windscreen of almost 3 meters wide and 1.8 tall, makes for a challenging installation.

The front windscreens weighs about 90kg and have 1/4 pipe curve making it risky to lift into place by hand. After much planning we decided the use of a Gantry Crane equipped with a spreader bar and 4 heavy duty suction cups, makes for a more manageable lift.

The installation takes about 6 hours for two experienced technicians.

The guys down at Air Services Australia told us of a horror story were a previous repairer they has used, lifted the glass up on a hoist and drove the truck into the glass.

No recommended. Not only because they would have been breaking just about every safety regulation in the book. But the fact someone could have been really hurt or worse.

Service 8® specialises in heavy lifts for windscreens, machinery and plant.


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