• Sealing Windscreen Joints

    Occasionally as Auto Glass Technicians we come across a job were we have to seal two or more glass windscreens together with a joint. It’s not a very common set up and we tend to find this kind of glass joint on Busses and Plant Machinery. As a machinery specialists Service 8® comes across these kinds

  • Hyundai IX35 Front Windscreen Replacement

    Tutorial of a professional windscreen replacement for a Hyundai IX35. Shows removal of the bonded windscreen using air and manual auto glass tools, cleaning of bonded surface areas, interior mirror installation and removal of trims/moulds. Watch in HD on YouTube setting for best viewing experienced.

  • Certificate in Auto Glass

    It appears that many auto glass technicians are being contacted today by a private training company in Brisbane regarding a Certificate in Auto Glass. The proposed deal seems quite lucrative according to the training rep. He told me that the Government chips in 4k per technician and since the course only costs 3k, everyone gets a drink.

  • Taking Short Cuts For Windscreen Referrals

    This is not a new debate, however, I believe the message is still not sinking in for the majority of windscreen technicians. Now, it’s important to point out that each auto glass technician has a style that he or she prefers. However, there are some fundamental procedures of a windscreen installation that simply cannot be skipped

  • Volvo Excavator Lower Windscreen

    We’re getting all technical down here at Service 8®, now broadcasting from our very own YouTube Channel. Steven Spielberg’s job is still safe. However, the channel will give an alternative avenue for technical Blog’s. Actions can sometime speak louder than words and in addition it can be a more interesting that reading. This short Youtube illustrates how

  • Limited Auto Glass Suppliers

    Some would say the writing has been on the wall for some time regarding Protector Glass Industries (PGI)… however, it still has to go down as a sad day for the industry to watch another Aussie company sold off and wound up. Meanwhile down at HQ, no employee is sure if today is their last,

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