Hitachi Excavator Windscreens

image hitachi excavatorService 8® Machinery Glass has an extensive range of glass and windscreens to suit Hitachi Excavators.

Side Windows, Rear Cab Glass, Boom Side Glass, Front Upper/Lower Windscreens, Door Windows, Sliders and more.

We are Australia’s leading supplier for genuine quality, aftermarket parts. With savings up to 50% compared to dealer prices. All our glass meets strict Australian Standards AS/NZS2080: 2006.

Fast response pack and send services to all locations Australia wide.

Not just limited to Excavators, or Hitachi. Service 8® has access to the largest stock of windscreens and glass for all Earthmoving Equipment and Heavy Machines, Tractors and more. Over 3000 glass parts.

Custom installation/fitting services available for Tweed Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville and Gosford. Experienced professional mobile technicians come to your job site minimising machinery downtime.

High safe work ethic, trusted by many Government Departments, Air Services, Fire Services and Civic Contractors.

Hitachi ZX ZAXIS Dash 3 Excavator

ZX 135US-3, ZX 140W, ZX 170W, ZX 190W, ZX 210W, ZX 225USR-3, ZX 250 LC-3, ZX 280 LC-3, ZX 350 LC-3, ZX 470-3, ZX 570-3, ZX 60SB-3, ZX 670-3, ZX 70LC-3, ZX 75US-3, ZX 80LC-3, ZX 85US-3, ZX 85USBLC-3, ZX 870-3.

Hitachi ZX ZAXIS Excavator

EG 70 R, ZX 110, ZX 120, ZX 130W, ZX 135, ZX 160W, ZX 180 LC, ZX 200 LC, ZX 210 LC, ZX 210W, ZX 225 USLC, ZX 240, ZX 330 LC, ZX 70, ZX 75 US, ZX 80 SB.

Hitachi ZX SERIES Mini Excavator

ZX 16, ZX 17U-2, ZX 18, ZX 18U-3, ZX 22U – 2, ZX 25, ZX 27U – 2, ZX 29U-3, ZX 30, ZX 30U – 2, ZX 33U-3, ZX 35, ZX 35U – 2, ZX 38U-3, ZX 40, ZX 40U -2, ZX 48U-3, ZX 50, ZX 50U – 2, ZX 52U-3.

Hitachi EX U/UR/US Series Excavators

EX 70 US-7, EX 75 URLC-3, EX 75UR-3, EX 80U, EX135UR, EX75 UR-5, EX75 US-7, EX75UR.

Hitachi EX Mini Excavators

EX15, EX15-2, EX22, EX22-2, EX30, EX30-2, EX35-2, EX40-2, EX40U-3, EX45-2, EX50U-3.

Hitachi EX Dash 5 Excavator

EX100, EX100 SUPER EV, EX130, EX135, EX165, EX200 SUPER EV, EX210 H, EX215, EX215, EX230 H, EX255, EX285, EX355, EX550 SUPER EV, EX60 SUPER EV.

Hitachi EX Dash 3 Landy Cab Excavator

EX120.3, EX200.3, EX220.3, EX450.3, EX60.3

Hitachi EX DASH 2 EXC

EX120, EX220, EX300, EX60

This parts list is ever changing and is not limited to the above parts. Call us today for prices and availability.