Holden Captiva Rear Door Window

The Holden Captiva has become a very popular vehicle in Australia, so we thought a “how to” on a the rear door window was due.

RH rear door window replacement for a Holden Captiva. General Motors
Holden Captiva Door Window Replacement

Holden is a name General Motors go by in Australia. In other parts of the world GM goes by other names such as Vaxhall and Opel. If this particular model goes by another name in your country feel free to share this with us in your comments.

Holden rear door windows can vary somewhat in difficulty, we would not consider this install difficult, however, it is a little tricky and took us a little to figure it out. The window in this case was the right hand rear door glass.

Ok, first off the door panel must be removed. Pretty basic stuff even for the DIYer. Remove the cover from the door handle with a pick tool. Do so from the bottom first.

removing the door handle trim of holden captiva
Lever the cover off from the bottom first


Next, the door panel must be removed. Also a simple task for the Holden Captiva. Its held on by only three philips screws. Two in the handle and one in the door release cavity. Just remove the cover in the door release cavity with a pick tool to reveal the single philips screw.
Holden Captiva door panel removal
Remove screws (Circles) Release door clips and lift panel up

Once the screws are removed, take a trim removal tool, or if you do not have one a steel paint scraper does a good job too.

Starting from the bottom of the door panel, place the scraper behind the door panel and lever it from the door. When the panel is off the door enough to get your fingers behind, grab the door panel and jerk it off the door in a quick pulling motion. Do this as close to a door clip as possible. This reduces your chances of clip damage

When all the clips are free lift the door panel up wards off the door.

Disconnect the door leaver cable and the door lock cable. However, before you disconnect the electric window regulator switch, insure that the regulator arm is wound all the way to the bottom of the door.

Remove the plastic rivet brackets that hold the door in place. Note which way they go and attach them to the new window.

Electric window disconnecting
Regulate window down and remove fixing screws. Disconnect electrics.

Remove external weather trim by removing the small philips screw on the inside edge of the door, its just near the door hinge on the inside. Be careful not damage the clips when removing trim.

Those who have an eagle eye with notice the the window is already installed. However, you must remove this trim before the window is installed. We just took the shot after in this case.

You will also have to remove the black plastic trims from the outside. An easy task when you know how. It took us 15 minutes to figure this out, we tried to install the window first without removing them and figured out this was not possible.

Rear door trims for Holden Captiva
Remove the two outer plastic trims before installing

The screws are hidden on the inside behind the rubber door seal. On the outside edge trim, the door seal has littler square cut outs and the screws are behind these.

Inside screw removal, Holden Captiva
External trim removal. Holden Captiva

There are two more screws behind the plastic triangle trim cover on the same side. However, you should have already removed this triangle trim by now when you removed the inside door panel cover.

Door trims on captiva
More screws to remove

Typically Holden are known for their design when it comes to door windows. It would be fair to say that from and Auto Glass Techs point of view some of the designs have been a little sloppy to say the least.

However, it has to said from our point of view, congratulations are in order for the simplicity and effectiveness of the door design of the Holden Captiva.
Captiva trim removal RH side
More screws on the inside to release the other black trim
Remove the other screws behind the rubber seal on the inside edge to remove the second black external trim.
Ok, all trims are removed. Now you will have enough clearance to be able to safely install the widow.

The window is slid into place from the outside into the window guides. Once in place fix the screws into the plastic rivets to fix the glass window in place.
Put the all the door bits and trims back together and test the window.
Estimated job time is approximately 40 minutes. This includes clean up time for vacuuming the door out and a basic detail.
It took us a little longer in this case, this was because we went in blind and had to figure out what need to be removed.

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