Holden Colorado/Rodeo Door Glass Replacement

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The Holden Colorado is a popular work truck in Australia, it also goes under many other different titles, such as the Holden Rodeo and the Isuzu D-Max.

Many manufacturers these days seem to be doing this. They take a vehicle, change the badge, give it a bit of a face lift and change the price. Now some may argue that these vehicles are different in some ways, however as far as the body shape goes they are the same.

It’s sort of like putting a Snickers Bar into a Mars Bar wrapper and calling it a Mars. It’s still a Snickers Bar and it tastes like one.

holden rodeo trim removal
1. Weather strip removal

Anyway, as far as the auto glass goes, it’s the same in all of these models. So for the door glass replacement, the same procedure applies to all of the above vehicles.

This is a very basic install even for the DIY enthusiast. Only basic tools are required that any handy man should have in the garden shed.

A Philips Screw Driver, 10mm Socket or Tube Spanner, Door Trim Remover, Channel Cleaner, Hook Tool. Now don’t despair if you don’t posses the last three tools. A flat screw driver could do the same job, however it will take a little longer and extra care may be required.

Holden Rodeo door panel removal
2. Door Panel Screws Holden Rodeo/Colorado

Step 1, remove the outside weather strip.

Not a big deal, however care must be taken not to bend it. Its made of metal and they bend pretty easy.  Use a door trim remover or a flat screw driver to leaver the weather strip up starting with outside edge, see image 1.

Step 2, Remove the door panel.

Real simple, just a couple of Philips screws in obvious locations.

One in the door release leaver and another two screws in the door handle, see image 2 and 3.

You have to love the simplicity. Far too many manufacturers complicate things way too much in this area.

Remove screws and then lever the door panel away starting at the bottom. Use a door trim remover if you have one, or you could get away with a screwdriver if thats all you have. See image 4.

door panel removal for holden rodeo
3. Door panel removal

TIP. The trick is to quickly leaver the door panel away in a sharp burst, image 4. If you just slowly lever the door panel then you risk damaging the plastic door panel clips. You will require these clips to be in good shape to reattach the door panel later.

Disconnect any of the electrics, however before you do, regulate the window mechanism so that the window bolts line up with the holes in the door so you can access them. See image 5..

This allows you to access the 10mm nut that holds the window in place. Since Service 8® Windscreens do this kind of window replacement allot we use a magnetic socket from Snap On. This saves us from dropping the nut inside the door when its unscrewed and having to fish it out. But don’t panic its not a big deal if you have not got one, its not essential.

Once you have the door regulator set to the correct hight remove the old widow clamps. However don’t chuck them. Some generic windows do not have the clamps attached to the window and you may have to clean the old ones out and reused them.

holden rodeo door removal
4. Release door from the bottom first.

This is a pain if you are a DIY guy as you will now have to purchase some adhesive to attach the clamps to the new window. We use Sika Drive. This is a profesional polyurethane adhesive that is very strong.

Ensure that you thoroughly clean out the old window clamps and IMPORTANT, fix the clamps back into the door regulator first. Don’t attach them to the window first. You then slide the window in place and into the clamps . This ensures that the window clamps are set in the correct place.

If you place the clamps on the window first you will have make sure they are exactly in the right place or they will not line up with the door regulator.

So, hopefully your window will have the clamps already attached and this will save you messing about.

Reverse the above to finnish.

Holden electric windows
5. Rodeo/Colorado electric window

A few more tips.

When installing the window do it with an open door and from the outside. Hold the window from the top and turn it front down about 45 degres. You then place the front part of the window into the front window guide/track and then line it up with the rear guide. See image 6.

From here you rotate the window back to level, the window is now good. If you need to remove the window again just rotate it forward (front down) to free it from the guides. This goes for all windows of this shape, they are the easiest to install.

Make sure all the broken window is cleaned from the guides and from out of the door first. This save having to mess around later when the window is in place.

Holden door window replacement
6. Placing the window in place

Slam the door and open it about a dozen times to after you have vacuumed it out. You be surprised how much glass you will have missed, It gets everywhere.

Don’t remove electrics with the ignition on. Always turn off and remove key. Disconnect electrics. It may not matter on this vehcile, however Mercedes and others are sensitive to this.


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