Mazda CX5 Rain Sensor

At the time of this post the Mazda CX5 generic windscreen was not available in Australia. We would imagine this will change over the next few months, however when it does be sure to check the rain sensor type.

The rain sensor on the Mazda CX5 is a little different to the one on the CX7, which is the same as the BMW sensors from the E46/X5 and others of this year.

See the image of the CX5 windscreen sensor that has been disconnected from the glass.

It’s an easy task to remove even for the DIYer. The bottom of the rain sensor bracket slides down. From there just gently pull the sensor from the glass. Be sure not to damage the gel pad that should be still attached to the windscreen.

Only disconnect the sensor wires if you absolutely have to. If you do disconnect it be sure not to have the ignition on. This can interfere with the vehicles computer.

Windscreen Rain Sensor For Mazda CX5
Mazda CX5 Windscreen Rain Sensor

If you are performing a windscreen replacement you are going to need to transfer the gel pad off the old windscreen to the new one. Mazda are quite happy to include a windscreen moulding, a mirror block and a sensor bracket on the genuine part, however the do not supply the gel pad on the glass. What’s more, Mazda don’t even sell them separately. So as windscreen techs we are left to our own devices to find a solution.

Rain sensor pad for a mazda cx5
Rain Sensor Gel Pad Mazda CX5

There are alternatives to salvaging the old one. You could use a generic pad, This is not a preferred method. We find they can leave air bubbles, this can sometimes cause the sensor to malfunction.

Another solution would be to inject some rain sensor gel into the square bracket and wait for it cure. This would be the preferred method if you are unsuccessful with salvaging the old one. That said you will have to have the windscreen removed and the inside facing up on a windscreen stand for this to work.

You cannot use injected gel when the windscreen is installed as the bracket would be upside down. The gel starts off as liquid before it cures so it must be on a level surface.

So if you are only performing a rain sensor swap, inject gel this is not a option.

The best solution is to remove the old gel pad, however care must be take not to damage it. The best method is to scrape it off the glass with a razor blade. This keeps the gel pad tacky so you can reattach it to the new windscreen.

As a standard razor blade is too wide to fit into the bracket space. We snapped three sections off an Olfa Blade for a perfect fit. In the image the gel pad has already been successfully removed.

Mazda CX5 Rain Sensor Gel pad Removed by Service 8® Windscreens
Rain Sensor Gel Pad Removal

When removing and transferring the gel pad be sure to wear rubber gloves so you don’t contaminate the gel pad with your grubby fingers, dirty finger prints on the gel pad may affect the rain sensors performance.

Another tip is ensure your working environment is dust free, its critical to not contaminate the sensor.

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