Sealing Windscreen Joints

Occasionally as Auto Glass Technicians we come across a job were we have to seal two or more glass windscreens together with a joint. It’s not a very common set up and we tend to find this kind of glass joint on Busses and Plant Machinery.

As a machinery specialists Service 8® comes across these kinds of installations several times a month. Most of time we find that the windscreens are very loose due to incorrect sealers being used and/or an inferior methods of application have been performed.

A quick YouTube of the technique Service 8® use should put people on the right track to sealing two windscreens together with ease. Using this method will insure the windscreens do not shake loose during the machines aggressive daily work routine..

A quick note is to check you are using a structural silicon or like. The kind they make fish tanks out of. This sealer is incredibly strong and designed to bond glass together. Avoid general bathroom and household silicons that are designed for light use of sealing joints around the kitchen sink etc. Your hardware store will have racks full of this stuff, so don’t just pick any product at random.

Follow the simple YouTube and be very particular with your preparation. It’s an extremely simple process, that will give you a perfect windscreen join every time.

Don’t forget to select the HD quality for the YouTube playback.

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