Windscreen Chip Insurance offer Conditions

  1. Windscreen repair insurance is valid for 3 months, starting from the day of your replacement
  2. Proof of purchase is required. The phone number you used to book your appointment is accepted also. We keep this on our database.
  3. Vehicle must be brought to us in either Tweed Heads, or North Ward Townsville. Unless other agreement has been made, this may be flexible.
  4. Customers must allow a reasonable response time of several days. However, we do give windscreen chips priority service. Same day is not uncommon.
  5. Windscreen chips must be smaller than a 20c coin in size and comply with Australian Standards. No exceptions. If it is outside the standard it will not be repairable.
  6. Every effort will be taken to save your chipped windscreen from cracking. However, if a chip should spread before we arrive or during the repair process, we will not be liable. That said, this is very rare and we will offer some good will on a replacement.
  7. If longer than 3 months have passed and your windscreen gets chipped or cracked. Give us a call, we will still look after you on a replacement or repair price.
  8. Off road vehicles and earthmoving vehicles not included in offer

Service 8® Warranty/Lifetime Warranty Information

Service 8® Pty Ltd provides 12 month manufactures warranty on auto glass parts and a lifetime warranty on our workmanship, or for as long as you own the vehicle. Lifetime warranty is not transferable.

During this warranty period, subject to the exclusions as detailed below, if any glass Service 8® has installed leaks, or is faulty due to our workmanship. Service 8® will resolve the problem, without fees or charges. This is in addition to your basic consumer rights.

The Service 8® warranty does not cover faults caused by physical damage, this includes windscreen stone chips (unless covered by windscreen chip insurance, see above) abuse, or misuse of your vehicle. This also includes four wheel driving and off road use.

In order for your warranty to be valid, you must adhere to the instructions given to you on the day by the technician. This includes adhering to safe drive away times and/or removing any masking tape before the curing time specified.

Important Information. Existing faults in your vehicle may void the warranty offered by Service 8®. This includes existing rust behind the glass, body damage, worn/old mouldings, rubber seals etc. In addition, we do not take responsibility of old and already worn parts that may be damaged further during the windscreen removal process.

Your warranty may also be void if you insist on old mouldings or rubber seals being reused against the advice of the technician on the day.

Chip Repair Conditions

Important Chip Information During the windscreen repair the windscreen may crack further under the stress caused during the repair process. If this happens the existing damage may become worse and/or un-repairable. However, this is a rare occurrence.

Service 8® takes the greatest of care, but no responsibility for the windscreen cracking beyond repair during the repair process. However, should this happen then their will be no call out fee or charge. If you are unhappy with the result of the chip repair, Service 8® will deduct the paid cost of the repair from the cost of a replacement windscreen purchased through Service 8®. Alternatively a refund may be given if the repair is less than 12 months old.

If for any reason your windscreen chip repair does not repair as expected, or you are unhappy with the result. There will be no charge, or call out fee.

The Service 8® warranty is not transferable and proof of purchase must be provided by the customer.

Machinery Glass Shipping Policy

Every effort is made to deliver your machinery glass on time and in good condition. However, since we send you glass via a third party (courier), damage may occur. Freight companies do not insure glass from transit damage, so unfortunately no glass cover can be obtained.

That said, glass damage is a rare occurrence. If glass is damaged Service 8® may offer good will. This may be in the form of another glass at cost price. However, we do ask you to follow some simple protocols.

Please check your glass on arrival for damage. Understand when you sign for your products, you are signing a contract stating you are receiving your glass in good order. We realise it’s not always convenient to unpack your glass in front of the courier driver, so it’s difficult not to sign. However, we ask if you could check your glass same day of delivery. If there is damage then please take some images with your phone and call us immediately.

Please note, we are unable to offer assistance if the glass is not checked for days/weeks after the registered delivery date. If you are wanting assistance regarding a transit claim, Service 8® requires customers to contact us in a fair a reasonable timeframe.

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