Mobile Windscreen Replacement Tweed Heads

With the NSW/QLD Border being constantly opened and closed due to Covid restriction, fewer windscreen companies are willing to cross the border to provide reliable auto glass services to the Tweed Region. Service 8 Auto Glass Mobile Service Areas Service 8 Auto Glass is based in Tweed Heads South and has been providing windscreen replacement … Read More

Supporting your local windscreen Repairer

Profit Driven Windscreen Repairers Last time I checked the windscreen industry was not charitable institute, all repairers are operating for profit. However, there are many who are in business to maximise profits, as apposed to making a “fair/reasonable profit”. A strategy to maximise profits often means the use of “dynamic pricing“ rather that a “fixed … Read More

Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation NSW 2020

Auto Glass Certification Program For NSW Operators NSW Auto Glass Repairers should be aware the Australian Government have thought now is good timing to introduce licensing and certification programs into our industry. This means as of September 1 2020, auto glass technicians performing windscreen repair work on NSW soil will be required to be an … Read More

COVID-19 Update

We are open for business during the COVID-19 lock down Service 8® Auto Glass is an essential community business. It’s for this reason we will continue to operate during the COVID-19 lock down period. We will be offering mobile windscreen replacement services from our two outlets in Tweed Heads & Townsville. However, with the recent … Read More

Windscreen FAQ – Ultimate Guide

Windscreen FAQ – Ultimate Guide Australia We answer many questions each day regarding windscreen replacement. For this reason we have have created the “windscreen replacement frequently asked questions ultimate guide”. Many FAQ guides on the internet are inaccurate. This is due to the articles being written are by authors who are not actually in the … Read More

Windscreen Replacement costs

Windscreen Replacement Costs The cost of a windscreen replacement is of course important. However, not all windscreen repairers are the same and opting for the cheapest windscreen company will in most cases result in quality and safety being compromised. So what is the true cost of a windscreen replacement? The Windscreen Is A Safety Device … Read More

Genuine Windscreen Or Generic Windscreen

Is a genuine windscreen better quality than a generic windscreen? The quick answer for those with limited time is: The quality of generic windscreens are very acceptable when compared with genuine windscreens. Comparing factors being cost/value, availability, thickness and fitment. Customers in Australia prefer generic (aftermarket) windscreens given the choice, insurance claims aside. As an … Read More

Unsafe Windscreen Methods Exposed

When we make a windscreen purchase we don’t give too much thought about the safety aspects of the job. Since a windscreen replacement is an unexpected expense that is not budgeted for, we tend to lean towards the cheapest price when we compare auto glass repairs. Whilst price is always something important to consider when … Read More

Auto Glazier Certification Australia

AGA Auto Glass Certification Program Auto Glass Certification, is this what the Australian windscreen industry really requires, or perhaps just an ethical clean up? You should be aware that in Australia the auto glass industry is unregulated. This means anyone experienced or otherwise can subscribe to a network as a contractor and practice auto glass … Read More

Nissan 370Z Safe A Pillar Removal

Nissan 370z A Pillar Removal Nissan 370z A Pillar Removal in a few easy steps. To replace the windscreen for a Nissan 370Z you have to remove the left hand and right hand A pillar mouldings. This is not a complicated procedure, however, we do see many damaged trims as a result of clumsy windscreen … Read More

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