Windscreen Replacement costs

Windscreen Replacement Costs The cost of a windscreen replacement is of course important. However, not all windscreen repairers are the same and opting for the cheapest windscreen company will in most cases result in quality and safety being compromised. So what is the true cost of a windscreen replacement? The Windscreen Is A Safety Device … Read More

Unsafe Windscreen Methods Exposed

When we make a windscreen purchase we don’t give too much thought about the safety aspects of the job. Since a windscreen replacement is an unexpected expense that is not budgeted for, we tend to lean towards the cheapest price when we compare auto glass repairs. Whilst price is always something important to consider when … Read More

ADAS Windscreens – More Trouble & Expense

ADAS Windscreens (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) have been in use for some time. ADAS are driver assistance accessories developed to automate/adapt/enhance vehicles for improved safety. ADAS comes with features designed to reduce collisions by assisting/alerting the driver to potential dangers. For example, ADAS may deploy safeguards by taking over control of the vehicle, to reduce … Read More

Why Did Your Machinery Glass Break?

Many machinery windscreens today are glazed in rubber seals and it’s not uncommon to see one of these windscreens cracked without any sign of impact. So why does this occur? Often flat windscreens for machinery are custom cut, and installed by auto glass specialists. This not only saves money for the client on the glass part, … Read More

Volvo Excavator Lower Windscreen

We’re getting all technical down here at Service 8®, now broadcasting from our very own YouTube Channel. Steven Spielberg’s job is still safe. However, the channel will give an alternative avenue for technical Blog’s. Actions can sometime speak louder than words and in addition it can be a more interesting that reading. This short Youtube illustrates how … Read More

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