• Air Services Australia Fire Trucks

    #RosenbauerWindscreen Replacement. #Service8® is the preferred supplier for Air Services Australia. At $1.3 Million Dollars, these vehicles are state of the art. With a #Windscreen of almost 3 meters wide and 1.8 tall, makes for a challenging installation. The front windscreens weighs about 90kg and have 1/4 pipe curve making it risky to lift into place

  • Who controls your windscreen business?

    I come across an interesting post on the National Auto Glaziers Association Blog recently that was worth sharing. I am sure its not just the windscreen industry that has fallen victim to insurance groups controlling their businesses in return for a few short term jobs. Panel shops, roofers, builders to name a few, have all

  • Nissan Dualis +2 Rear Door Window

    This post is not going to be a full how to, but rather a heads up for the Nissan Dualis +2 rear door glass. The Nissan Dualis +2 looks the same as the original at a glance, however, Nissan have made some body size changes. The rear door glass for example is much larger then

  • Holden Rodeo RA, rear door window replacement

    Today’s post will show you how to replace a rear door window for a Holden Rodeo RA in under 15 minutes. Yep, this can be done without sacrificing job quality. We say this install is for the dual cab Holden Rodeo RA. However, with many manufacturers sharing body shapes these days it will also apply

  • Windscreen Insurance Claim – Recommended Repairers

    Consider your windscreen options What’s all this talk about Recommended Windscreen Repairers? If you have comprehensive cover with your insurance group then your policy may entitle you to make claims for damaged auto glass. When making a claim your insurance group would much rather you call them first so they can handle the claim for you.

  • Genuine windscreen or generic. What’s best?

    What’s the best quality windscreen and what would Service 8® recommend? This is very common question asked by many customers before making a windscreen purchase. The quick and simple answer is to suggest that the genuine windscreen will always be the better quality and best fit for your vehicle. Whilst this is true and Service

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