• Hyundia Getz Hatch, Rear Door Glass Installation

    The Hyundai Getz rear door glass installation is not the most challenging installation we have posted to date. However, we thought it would be a good basic install to demonstrate to trainees and DIYers. Most modern basic models use these same principles, so this installation could be useful for many vehicles. Especially other models in

  • Glass activator reduces windscreen leaks

    As windscreen technicians we are fully aware of the importance of windscreen activator. At some point in time we have all come across a windscreen that has not bonded correctly and in the worst cases the windscreen can be pushed out without much resistance at all. For those who don’t know, windscreen activator is a

  • Holden Captiva Rear Door Window

    The Holden Captiva has become a very popular vehicle in Australia, so we thought a “how to” on a the rear door window was due. Holden Captiva Door Window Replacement Holden is a name General Motors go by in Australia. In other parts of the world GM goes by other names such as Vaxhall and

  • CAT 248B Skid Loader Windscreens

    The Caterpillar 248B Skid Loader has three windscreen sections fixed together with structural sealer. It’s certainly not a job for the DIY technician unless you have the glass already pre purchased, or cut to size. With that in mind we are not going to go into minute detail with the installation. We will assume that you will

  • Car Window Anti Pinch Resets

    The auto glass anti pinch reset is a safety mechanism use by electric windows on a motor vehicle to prevent you from harm. For example, should you trap your hand in the electric window when the auto wind up feature is used, the pinch reset will stop the window from completely squashing your hand, or cutting it off. When

  • Holden Colorado/Rodeo Door Glass Replacement

    Windscreen tools for the job The Holden Colorado is a popular work truck in Australia, it also goes under many other different titles, such as the Holden Rodeo and the Isuzu D-Max. Many manufacturers these days seem to be doing this. They take a vehicle, change the badge, give it a bit of a face lift and change the

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