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Windscreen chip repair, No Fix – No Fee. With over a 99% success rate repairing windscreens, we are sure you will be happy with the result. However, if you’re not, then it’s FREE.

For Service 8® to repair a crack it needs to meet certain requirements and Australian Standards.

  • The damage needs to be located on the clear part of the glass, not in the black band that is around the edge of your windscreen.
  • If the chip is in the drivers vision area (sweep area of the drivers side wiper) the whole chip (including all cracks) needs to be smaller than a 5 cent coin
  • If the chip is anywhere else on the windscreen, the whole damage must be smaller than a 20c coin.

Service 8® will check all of these items and conduct a detailed inspection to determine if the windscreen can be repaired.

Service 8® uses the Delta Repair System. The number one choice for professional repairers. These systems are manually operated. Unlike automatic repair systems the Delta Kit requires a high skill level to operate. As a result it is able to repair larger damage in more places on the windscreen. Aways get a second opinion when selecting a repairer.

Free Chip Insurance Offer

Special offer. Service 8® includes Windscreen Chip Insurance For Free with windscreen replacements.

Book a windscreen replacement with Service 8® Auto Glass today and if you chip or crack your new windscreen, we will repair it for free.

Some reasonable conditions do apply, so give us a call and find out more.


  • Will the damage be visible after the repair?

    The chip damage will not completely disappear after the repair. This is because the chip is actually still there, just less visible due to the resin injection.

    On average an 80% reduction in visibility is a typical result, however, this can vary.  Service 8® uses the best quality, long lasting resin from Delta Kits (Magnibond).

    Every windscreen chip is unique and the technician will explain what to expect on the day. However don’t worry, if you are not happy with the result, it’s FREE.

  • How much is a Chip repair?

    Local windscreen chip repairs start from $78.00. However, if you have multiple repairs in one location (chips on several vehicles) we can offer you a substantial discount. Call us, and we will work out a great price.

  • Can I stop the chip from spreading in the mean time?

    Not really, its always best to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize the risk.

    • Keep the vehicle in the shade or under cover. If the windscreen is exposed to harsh direct sunlight it will heat up, soften and greatly increase the chance of the chip spreading.
    • Avoid sudden changes in temperature. Don’t pour cold water on a hot windscreen. Also avoid directing air conditioning vents on windscreen.
    • Avoid any off road or aggressive driving that may shock the vehicle. This can increase the chance of a windscreen chip spreading.
    • Ideally it’s always best to repair the damage as soon as possible. A windscreen chip can only get worse, not better. Ignoring a chip will nearly always results in a replacement.
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