Windscreen Insurance Claims

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Things You Probably Don’t Know About Windscreen Insurance Claims

Your insurer would much rather you be ignorant of your basic consumer rights. It’s preference is to take full control of your claim and direct you to one of their “Recommended Auto Glass Repairers” (Sub Contractors).

A recommended repairer is a business that has a contract agreement with your insurance group. The benefits here are two fold in that the insurance group is able to get your windscreen replaced cheap and the recommended repairer gets a high volume of jobs steered to them in return. The problem with this system is that there is little benefit for you, the policy holder.

Did you know you can select your own windscreen repairer? Insurance groups often say you must use their repair network only. In addition pressure tactics are often used by suggesting that your warranty may be void, or only recommended repairers are reputable/qualified for the job. This is extremely misleading, illegal and totally untrue.

It’s always best practice to select your own repairer when making a Windscreen Claim and by doing so you stay in control. Recommended repairers receive very low rates for their services and as a result its not uncommon for corners to be cut, used parts to be installed, or low priority given for insurance jobs. Yes, even if the company is a national corporation, this practice can happen.

When you select Service 8® for your windscreen replacement we work directly for you, not the insurance group. This means we give you professional unbiassed advice without pressure from a third party.

Service 8® Windscreen are not the world’s biggest Auto Glass company and we never will be. However, we are industry experts totally focused on producing high quality installations with incredible attention to detail. We’re not interested in ‘selling high volume low cost units in return for work referrals.

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