Windscreen Prices Explained

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Cheap is not always the best option

We are often asked does Service 8® Auto Glass offer the cheapest windscreens, products and service. The short answer is no, there will always be a repairer advertising on Gumtree who will be cheaper, but at what cost?.

What we can say with confidence is that we offer the very best value. By value we mean we provide the highest quality products, adhesives and workmanship, at a very sensible price point. No Other Windscreen Repairer Offers Better Quality, Than Service 8®, Guaranteed. We provide the exact same products as Australia’s largest corporate repairer and we deliver at a more competitive price.

We are able to offer these saving because we don’t have a call centre, workshop, and layers of unnecessary management. Unlike cheap repairers we don’t cut costs further by sacrificing quality and cutting corners to increasing productivity.

It’s important you understand the windscreen in your vehicle is structural component. It supports the passenger airbag and is a critical part of the crash management system in your vehicle.

The Auto Glass Industry in Australia is unregulated. This means anybody can advertise online and practise installing Auto Glass, including you. As a result there are many repairers that are operating using inferior untested products, cheap DIY grade adhesives and zero liability insurance. Not all windscreen repairers are equal or ethical.

It’s for this reason we cannot match the prices of the lowest end of the market. But having said that, you will be surprised how competitive we are.

Service 8® Auto Glass is a local ethical company that offers superior products with complimentary mobile service. We are trusted by many Government Offices, Fire Departments, Aviation Services and Civil Contractors. By selecting us you are assured a very High Standard of Workmanship, Lifetime Warranty and a Sensible Affordable Price.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Michael Smedley (JP) Owner & Technical Director

Service 8® Pty Ltd